Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills

Birth Control Pills are an effective method of preventing pregnancy, especially if they are combined with condoms. They cause no harmful side effects and can be used by women of reproductive age (15-45 years old).

Birth control pills come in two types: one has multiple hormone substances (COC) and the other kind only contains one hormonal substance (POP).

First type: The pills contain 0.15 mg of progestin (COC) and 0.03 mg of estrogen. A sheet of pills contains 28 pills (7 pills are sized differently from the other 21). These pills are called « Birth control pills OK » or Srey Pich.

The pills will stop the production of female eggs and make the mucous fluid in the cervix thick (this makes it difficult for male sperms to swim). The pills also affect the lining of the womb so that a foetus cannot grow there.

However, birth control pills- or contraceptive pills as they are also called- have both pros and cons. Their advantages are that they are very effective if they are properly and regularly used in accordance to the medical prescription. They can also help reduce period pains and make your periods more regular. One of the biggest advantages is that they don’t affect sexual intercourse.

They can, however, be a bit inconvenient as you have to remember to take one pill everyday at the same time. Women who are breastfeeding cannot use them. It is also important to remember that these pills cannot protect you from STI infections or HIV.

Second type: Single-hormone pills (POP) contain 0.075 mg of ?. One sheet contains 28 pills with the same colour and size. Their advantage is that they can be used by women who are breastfeeding.

These pills are also very effective if properly used. You can choose to use POP if you have trouble using COC. Like COC, the POP pills can reduce painful periods, but they are not as effective as the multiple-hormone pill. The two types of pills are similar to each other, but have some different advantages. However, you cannot buy them yourselves. Please contact any SMARTgirl club and someone from the club will refer you to a specialized doctor who can help you pick a suitable method. It won’t take a long time or cost you much money


• Start taking the first pill on any day between the 1st and 5th day of your menstrual cycle

• Take 1 pill a day, every day, at the same time

• Take the pill according to the arrow sign on the back of the pill sheet

• When you use up one sheet of pills, you have to continue on a new sheet the next day


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