The SMARTgirl Make-Up Guide for a Night Out

The SMARTgirl Make-Up Guide for a Night Out

Make-up is part of every SMARTgirl’s daily routine. Below is a step-by-step guide on how to put make-upon for a night out.

aStep 1​​: Choose a cream foundation suitable for your skin type (to avoid skin rash and itching) before applying facial cream powder. Apply foundation to your face. Choose a colour which is close to your natural skin colour. Dab the foundation on 5 points of your face: forehead, cheeks, nose and under-chin, with a sponge. Spread evenly.

aStep 2​: Apply loose powder on the whole face. Then, outline your eyelid with the foundation so that your eyeshadow colour can last for a long time without smudging.

4Step 3:  Start colouring your eyelids with a dark base; outline your eyelid, then add chocolate coloured eyeshadow on-to the dark base colour with light movements. After that, use a skin colored shade to highlight under your eye.

5Step 4: Outline your eyebrow with a black or chocolate coloured pen. Use upward pen stokes.

3Step 5: Outline the upper and lower eyelid with a dark eyeliner and end the line with an upward kink. Then, apply black or chocolate colored mascara, as much you like.

6Step 6: Powder your cheeks with a blusher (pink, red or orange tinted).

7Step 7:  Outline your lips with a pink-coloured lipstick and add some shiny gloss to the lips to make them look full and luscious. The lipstick color can be varied according to preference.

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