What We Are

The SMARTgirl logo and the​ meaning of SMARTgirl

SMARTgirl is a name that most of the women working in entertainment establishments want to be called. So we call them SMARTgirls. There is no exact definition, but here are some words on the meaning of SMARTgirl:

A SMARTgirl is:

« Smart, a SMARTgirl knows how to find health services »

The Diamond Crown is the symbol of success of SMARTgirls.

Today, the women working in entertainment establishments, such as karaoke clubs, massage parlors, nightclubs and beer gardens, know, understand, and like SMARTgirl very much. They are trying to change themselves to be real SMARTgirls. They are learning about the prevention of HIV and STIs. They visit women’s sexual health clinics and family planning clinics and they visit the SMARTgirl clubs near their workplaces. They have their blood checked for HIV at the VCCT at least twice a year. They see the doctor for STI screenings four times per year.

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